We do it over and over


Corte è un punto di riferimento per i servizi di raccolta e riciclo di materiale ferroso e per le attività di trasporto e logistica. Si occupa inoltre di riciclo e demolizione di impianti industriali e navali.

Collect - process - transform

We give value to recovered materials.
We recover ferrous and non-ferrous materials that are no longer used and send them to the most appropriate cycle of value. Depending on the type of material, the cycle may be either reuse or recycle, in order to guarantee maximum sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact.

What we recover

CORTE recovers metal waste from manufacturing sites, companies, businesses, disused construction sites and municipal waste disposal sites. Additionally, we operate as an intermediary in the management of all other types of waste products.

The strengths of R3cover

Guarantee of sustainability

Through our commitment to quality and safeguarding the environment, we are able to provide the companies that choose us with the security of sustainable production, while at the same time helping to promote a culture of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Supply chain traceability

We work in close cooperation with our clients and can provide them with tangible support. Our recovery process is executed in compliance with the criteria of sustainability, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Transport of materials

Our team of experts undertakes the recovery and transport of ferrous and non-ferrous materials using authorised vehicles in compliance with current legislation, also on behalf of third parties.

We manage demolition waste

Corte si occupa di effettuare demolizioni industriali e di recuperare i relativi rifiuti ferrosi e non. Inoltre, agisce da intermediario per il riciclo dei materiali diversi dal ferro collaborando con altre aziende.

International partners

Corte has been offering its metal scrap management services for years in several foreign markets including Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Bosnia.

Materials guarantee

I materiali ferrosi e non ferrosi che vengono recuperati derivano da Paesi che godono di alti standard qualitativi.

Waste materials are classified as the planet's new resources.

Our activity allows waste materials to be recovered and transformed into reusable resources, resulting in a second life. This practice represents added value for companies in two ways: materials can be marketed and at the same time the impact on the environment is reduced.

The Recovery (R3cover) activity is part of an integrated cycle that is completed by the Recycling (R3cycle) and Reuse (R3use) activities.

Our approach is to include materials in the Reuse chain if they can be redeployed in another market, otherwise, they are sent to the Recycling chain. In this way, we guarantee the sustainable and responsible management of recovered materials.