From waste to resource


The recycling process involves introducing materials and objects back into the production cycle. We perform the separation and disassembly of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, which are then processed and reintegrated into the production process to generate new products.


Once they are introduced into the recycling chain, waste materials become raw materials of higher value.


What we recycle

We recycle ferrous, non-ferrous and WEEE waste, which mainly originates from industry, municipal collections, industrial demolition, shipbuilding and railways. These are processed through sorting, grading and volume reduction operations.

The strengths of R3cycle

360° Recycling

The company does not only recycle ferrous scrap but also recovers waste from its processing cycle, making full use of all the resources available.

State-of-the-art installations:

The company is equipped with several sorting plants that are able to independently separate the relevant resource from all the rest.

Waste processing according to requirements

The company can adapt the processing and cutting of materials to the specific requirements of its clients, providing customised products.

AIA authorisation

Corte is licensed with the AIA authorisation, which allows the company to recycle a large amount of metal waste on a daily basis at its shredding plant. This authorisation requires the use of the most advanced technology that exists in the sector.

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Specific processes for each material

Recyclable materials are subject to different processes depending on their typology.

Centralised management

The headquarters in Buja controls all external teams operating the equipment and vehicles, guaranteeing timely and efficient solutions.

We have created a system to connect supply and demand.

An online showcase where second-hand goods for your business are available, where we list for sale all the objects that can be reused, such as carpentry materials, machinery or accessories, but also recycling materials. This system reduces waste and promotes sustainability while offering convenient and environmentally friendly procurement opportunities.

The Recycling activity (R3use) is part of an integrated cycle that starts with Recovery (R3cover) and is completed by Recycling (R3cycle) and Reuse (R3use) activities.

Our approach is to include materials in the reuse chain if they can be redeployed in another market, otherwise, they are sent to the recycling chain. In this way, we guarantee the sustainable and responsible management of recovered materials.