The Company

The circular economy

When a material is no longer of value to its owner, it becomes waste and is discarded. But what if objects were given a second opportunity?

The benefits:


Giving new life to waste materials


Reducing the environmental impact and energy consumption as opposed to extracting raw materials


Recovering large quantities of iron and metals for the benefit of the environment


Promoting the reuse of objects that can be used again

Corte applies circular economy principles to limit the use of raw materials in favour of secondary materials.

An approach towards sustainability.
A green soul.

We believe in respecting the environment and are committed to several projects aimed at environmental sustainability, including:

The Carbon Footprint certification is an index of quality and sustainability. Calculating it is an integral part of a company's environmental policies, also in connection with the growing awareness of climate change.

Quantifying our environmental impacts becomes, also for us at Corte, the first step towards becoming increasingly green.

The indicator is designed to support companies in the transition towards Circular Economy systems. Based on the guidelines provided by the European Union for the five-year period 2019-24, it is necessary to move towards a Circular Economy capable of regenerating itself, rethinking the use of raw materials, and respecting the environment, the economy and society.

Corte will also measure its circularity using tools that will allow it to know and quantify its corporate sustainability.  

This report calculates a company's environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.
The degree of sustainability of companies can be measured by analysing the 3 factors:

  • Environmental related to the contribution to climate change;
  • Social related to human capital;
  • Governance refers to the elements of corporate governance.

An elevated ESG rating is a reflection of high performance at the level of CSR, the corporate social responsibility, and it also increases the value of the brand.  

The Sustainability Report is the tool for communicating a company's sustainability performance and impacts. It practically measures, communicates and is accountable to both internal and external stakeholders with regard to the organisation's performance against the goal of sustainable development.


Firmly committed to researching technological and system solutions that respect the ecosystem and maximise the recovery of waste in all its forms, CORTE Spa has certified its environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard, as well as having obtained a series of certificates and sector qualifications that allow the company to operate internationally with maximum safety and complete client satisfaction.