Giving a new life to things


We focus our activity on the reuse of materials that have not yet become waste. Items that are still functional are recovered from the installation and used as they are, without any additional work being required. In this way, we reduce waste and promote sustainable material management, while offering quality and cost-effective products.

It is not waste if it can be reused

Reuse involves taking immediate action to restore the good's functionality to another market, eliminating the necessity of any reworking. This step allows materials to be used in another context, reducing the impact on the environment and promoting sustainability.


What we reuse

Reusable objects are part of the metal manufacturing sector. They mainly originate from the world of metalwork and can include a wide range of products, such as metal mechanical equipment, electric motors, electromechanical tools, hydraulic components, pipes, pumps, covers, sheet metal, profiles, workbenches, industrial kitchen parts, mechanical equipment and much more.

The strengths of R3use

An innovative path

Corte, unlike other companies in the sector, instead of just managing waste, engages in the recovery of goods that can still be functional before they are disposed of. In this way, it is ahead of the waste chain and places the recovered goods back on the market without any additional work being required.

A double value for companies

Corte is capable of correctly assessing the value of materials considered reusable, which is higher than the value of simple ferrous waste. This offers companies a double benefit, namely the possibility of getting rid of unused items and earning a profit in return.

A dedicated site

Tavagnacco is home to the site where reuse items, which follow a completely different itinerary than those for recycling, are received.

We have created a system to connect supply and demand.

An online showcase where second-hand goods for your business are available, where we list for sale all the objects that can be reused, such as carpentry materials, machinery or accessories, but also recycling materials.
This system reduces waste and promotes sustainability while offering convenient and environmentally friendly procurement opportunities.

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The activity of Reuse (R3use) is part of an integrated cycle that starts with Recovery (R3cover) and is completed by Recycling (R3cycle) and Reuse (R3use) activities.

Our approach is to include materials in the reuse chain if they can be redeployed in another market, otherwise, they are sent to the recycling chain. In this way, we guarantee the sustainable and responsible management of recovered materials.