An integrated and complete cycle

Our objective is to reduce the waste of metal resources, a valuable commodity that should not be viewed just as simple scrap. Working together with companies, we identify waste materials that can be transformed into reusable resources, following a sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

After the recovery phase, we identify the most appropriate process for each material.

The Recovery (R3cover) activities are part of an integrated cycle that is completed by the Recycling (R3cycle) and Reuse (R3use) operations, which are performed at the two corresponding sites in Buja and Tavagnacco.

We protect our partners

We provide comprehensive support to companies to maximise the value of their materials. We carefully follow the REUSE and RECYCLING processes, from collection to sorting, from disposal to packaging, and all the way to the marketing of the end product. With our expertise and professionalism, we connect supply and demand, assisting companies to effectively manage their waste and create added value.